I’m Just A Lucky So And So

1945 – Duke Ellington / Mack David

As I walk down the street
Seems everyone I meet
Gives me a friendly hello, yeah
I guess I’m just a lucky so, lucky and so
Lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky

The birds in every tree
Are all so neighborly
They sing wherever I go, sing pretty
I guess I’m just a lucky, what a lucky so and so

Yes if you should ask me the amount in my bank account
I’d have to admit, I’d have to confess that I’m slippin’
But that don’t worry me, confidentially
I’ve got a dream that’s a pippin’

And when the day, when the day is through
Each night I hurry, I hurry to
A home, a home where love waits, I know
I guess, I guess I’m just a lucky, lucky lucky so and so

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