Rose Room

1917 – Art Hickman / Harry Williams

I want to take you to a little room
A little room where all the roses bloom
I want to lead you into Nature’s hall
Where ev’ry year the roses give a ball
They have an orchestra up in the trees
For their musicians are the birds and bees
And they will sing us a song
As we are strolling along

In sunny Roseland, where summer breezes are playing
Where the honey bees are “A-Maying”
There all the roses are swaying
Dancing while the meadow brook flows
The moon when shining is more than ever designing
For ’tis ever then I am pining
Pining to be sweetly reclining
Somewhere in Roseland
Beside a beautiful rose

The ball is over and tulips meet
Their little kisses are so short and sweet
The lilies nod to the forget-me-nots
When they’re departing in their flower pots
But all the roses with their spirits high
Remain to love until they droop and die
And dear, why shouldn’t it be
Just so with you and with me

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