1910 – Ford Dabney / Cecil Mack / Tin Pan Alley / Lew Brown

‘Cause my hair is curly
Just because my teeth are pearly
Just because I always wear a smile
Like to dress up in the latest style

‘Cause I’m glad I’m livin’
I take these troubles all with a smile
Just because my color’s shady
That’s the difference, maybe, why they call me

Shine, sway your bluesies
Why don’t you shine?
Start with your shoesies
Shine each place up, make it look like new
Shine your face up; I want to see you wear a smile or two

Why don’t you shine your these and thoseies?
You’ll find everything gonna turn out right fine
Folks will shine up to ya
Everybody’s gonna howdy doody do-ya
You’ll make the whole world shine

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